Let's Talk About Casting

Casting directors are some of the most talented people in the entertainment industry. I’ve had the chance to work with some of the best casting directors in the world. Casting is such an intimate and detailed process. I use to look at every audition as just a surface level experience. The more I watch commercials, TV, Film, Live Stage… I see the level of dexterity it takes to make a project look amazing. I’ve encountered my fair share of friendly and narcissistic casting directors. Some casting directors make you feel valued, loved, and supported. Other casting directors make you feel extremely disposable. Casting Directors are the reason so many things look amazing. Sometimes I sit back on set and marvel at great casting. Great casting really sets the basis for any work. Great casting elevates the work and assists in making the story more clear.

My favorite casting directors are Sarah-May Levy and Rita Maye Bland. My casting experiences with them have always been smooth. They really value people as individuals. They possess a unique eye for detail. The best casting directors are always organized, timely, and caring. I’ve never spent excessive amounts of time in their offices. Whenever I am called in or booked on their projects I give 110%. When you are booked by someone who values you as an artist, you naturally work harder.  



On the flip side when you are treated like less than a human, it’s hard to perform your best. I’ve been at casting where the casting director is shouting and swearing at everyone. Corralling us as if we were cattle. I find myself always performing poorly when the casting conditions are complicated.  The environment you foster either brings the best out of people or they crumble.

Booking The Job

Booking the job is definitely an art. My first auditions felt crazy. The more I auditioned I felt my technique improving. Casting is all about listening and really reading the description of your role. Many people go into auditions without adequately preparing. A clear understanding of the role you are portraying will start your audition on a good note. People either do too much or too little. You have to gauge the energy of the room, gauge the energy of the role you are portraying, and really dress the part. Dressing the part is extremely important! You made all the effecting of attending the audition, you might as well try your best in terms of wardrobe. Looking the part allows the client to visualize you in the commercial. If you sell them their vision, you’re booked.

Casting is something that takes time. You have to master your craft, network, and challenge yourself to keep going in the face of rejection.